10 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Banana Peels

Do not throw a banana peel after enjoying the phenomenal taste. Here’s how you can take advantage …

 Rich in nutrients, fantastic taste and a great addition to a variety of pastries, bananas because surely belong to the favorite fruit. Did you know that you can take advantage of their bark? Here are a few interesting use of banana peels.


 1.Polishing shoes. Just rub a shoe inside of the bark, and then Shine ‘surface with a soft cloth.

2. Soften meat. Add peel ripe bananas while roasting meat, in order to remain soft and juicy.

3. Feed roses. Banana peel is rich in calcium and magnesium that loves flowers. Leave the skin in addition to the root.

4.Reduce rash and itching. Rub the inside of the bark of the city insect bites or dry skin, this will reduce the itching and redness.

5.Great flowers. Leaves flowers wipe dust and dirt inside of the bark.

6.Polish with silver. Mix the banana peel with water, put the mixture on a soft cloth and polish the silver.

7.Shed the plant lice. Place the banana peel at your garden to drive away unwanted pests.

8.Polish with skin. Rub the leather furniture or clothing inside of the bark, and then polish with a soft cloth.

9.Whiten teeth. Rub teeth peel bananas for about two minutes with each wash. Manganese, magnesium and potassium will have a beneficial impact on the whiteness of teeth.

10.For bruises and scratches. When rubbed into the wound, potassium from the banana skin helps in the healing process.

11.Remove warts. A piece of the inner bark of bananas put the nipple and secure with tape. Leave on overnight. Potassium will remove the nipple and prevent resurgence.

12.Remove the thorn. Adhesive tape to secure a piece of the inside of the bark at the place where you have a thorn. Natural enzymes will facilitate removal.

13.Enrich water for watering plants. Insert the banana peel in a larger container with water and let it rest. When watered houseplants, make a mixture of Matured and fresh water, compared to 1: 5.

14.Treat acne. Rub the pimple inside of the crust for 10 minutes. The remains of the face, leave it longer, it would be ideal to wash just before going to bed. Repeat the procedure every day, while the face was cleansed.


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