113 Year Old Man Reveals The Secret To His Long And Healthy Life: These 5 Foods You Should Eat Every Day

Even 113 years ago, Bernardo Lapal is vital as a young man! He really looks a lot younger, and is able to move freely, without any help. His mental health is very good, and he says he reads books and solves crossword puzzles in order to preserve it.

He eats a lot of fruits, vegetables, drink lots of water and pays special attention to proper rest. Bernardo says that anyone who wants to live longer be ready to add honey, cinnamon, olive oil and garlic in your diet, because it is the secret of his longevity.


-Honey is a natural elixir of health, all we should consume each day. It is rich in antioxidants and helps against the long list of diseases. However, when buying honey, you should make sure that the organic, because only such a multitude of medicinal properties of which you can benefit. Honey is beneficial to your overall health and you need to start immediately consume.



-Garlic is one of the most popular alternative medicines, and effective against many diseases. It is used for lowering high blood pressure and high cholesterol, can also prevent cardiovascular disease due ingredient called allicin. Eating raw garlic will provide the best results.


– Cinnamon contains high amounts of fiber, manganese and calcium. Cinnamon has been used for thousands of years as a spice flavor and medicine, and has left its mark on many crops. You should also know that cinnamon can be especially useful in helping diabetes, cancer prevention, arthritis and detention.


– you should know that the real, unadulterated form of chocolate, derivative from the Theobroma cacao tree is a super food sent from heaven that can keep us healthy even when we indulge in its delectable taste. The real chocolate is full with plant-derived flavones, full of anti-inflammatory constituents, antioxidants and health-boosting ingredients that do lots of amazing things for our minds and bodies.

Olive oil

– olive oil contains high amounts of beneficial fats that keep both the heart and the brain healthy, preventing risk of cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline.

Note: you shouldn’t forget that lifestyle still remains the most important factor in defining not only how long you will live, but also the quality of your long life.



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