2 Eggs A Day Can Do Wonders For Your Body: These 9 Things You Immediately Notice!

Eggs are one of those foods that need to be on our table.

Website Brigt Side singled out the details of the latest research on what benefits the organism have chicken eggs. It was shown that 2 to 3 eggs optimal daily dose. Why?

1. Keep our brains

Choline in eggs provides normal function of brain cells. It is scientifically proven that this nutrient is necessary for normal functioning of the brain, and its deficiency can lead to impaired memory.

2. Guarded eyesight

Studies have shown that egg yolks rich in lutein. This substance is responsible for clear and good eyesight.

3. Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium

Most of us would rather choose to eat a boiled egg than to drink a tablespoon of fish oil. Great news is that in both cases, enter the same amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps to better absorb calcium, and therefore strengthens our bones and teeth.

4. Vitamin B complex protect the skin, hair and liver

Biotin, Vitamin B12 and digestible nutrient proteins contribute to strengthening the hair and skin. Phospholipids that are found in eggs help the removal of toxins from the liver.

5. Minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Contrary to popular belief, studies have come to the data that the cholesterol in eggs is not harmful to health. It also inhibits the production of cholesterol in their own body. In addition, eggs contain omega-3 fatty acids reduce triglyceride levels, and thus reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

6. You’ll start to lose weight

American researchers have come to the conclusion that if you combine low-calorie diet with boiled eggs for breakfast, twice will accelerate the process of weight loss. This breakfast will long keep fed, but will also reduce the desire for food.

7. Reduces the risk of cancer

Choline, which is much needed brain, also reduces the risk of cancer. According to research, women who are still in adolescence regularly eat chicken eggs have a 18 percent lower risk of developing breast cancer.

8. Useful are when planning a pregnancy

Vitamin B affects the sex hormones. Vitamin B9 has another name – folic acid. With his help to form red blood cells and the neural tube of the fetus. Zapamitite, folic acid is therefore extremely important to all women planning pregnancy!

9. Aging

Proof of the research team of Dutch scientists. In 87 percent of women aged 35 to 40 years age spots are gone and the skin is more elastic. While the men wrinkles around the eyes quite settled.