5 Most Effective Natural Antibiotics that Destroy Superbugs

Sore throat, sinus and ear infections, bladder infections – how many times have you reached for antibiotics to treat these infections?
Antibiotics are today taken for treatment of respiratory problems, flu and colds.
These are diseases in which pathogens mainly viruses and to which antibiotics have no effect, according to research.
The World Health Organization warns that as many as 50% of antibiotics that patients treated sold “on your own”, without a doctor’s prescription.

The danger lies in the fact that antibiotics are always negatively affect the body.

It will not win viruses, but will damage and weaken the immune system and thus create the basis for further infection and the development of so-called superbugs, or antibiotic resistant bacteria.

And it is precisely this resistance worrying medical experts.

New natural enemies – superbugs

More and more superbugs against which conventional medicine is losing the battle.

Among the persistent bacteria streptococcus (Streptococcus), a known agent of and tonsils, and meningitis, pneumonia, and ear infections.

Drug resistance can develop in children.

Panic was sparked last year and called. superbugs NDM1, that is also believed that originated in India and is a cause of fatal pneumonia and urinary tract infections.

From hospitals in India, but also Serbia, with patients has spread to Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States.

Drug resistance and shows more Staphylococcus (Staphylococcus aureus), the causative agent of MRSA, known “hospital bacterium” which won penicillin.

Streptococcus can cause skin infections, food poisoning, toxic shock, inflammation of the heart valves, sepsis and other dangerous disease and poses a serious threat to human life.

Even certain E. coli strains have become drug-resistant.

Fortunately, nature and in these cases there is an effective solution.

Natural remedies help fight superbugs

These five all available natural remedies can win and superbugs.

1. Garlic

Known for its antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties, this natural remedy always keep in my kitchen.

Successfully treated infections such as pneumonia and MRSA.

It destroys intestinal parasites and helps with inflammation and has been proven the best natural enemy of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

The bacteria in the human body causes pneumonia, ear infections, urinary tract organs, ear infections, eye infections.


2. Echinacea

Powerful natural protector of immunity, Echinacea is also a natural antibiotic.

Is effective against bacterial infections of the skin, the long-term diarrhea and septicemia (blood poisoning).

Wins staphylococcus bacteria, pathogens MRSA.


3. Honey

As a wonder of nature, honey has strong antibacterial properties.

A study published in the newspaper Microbiology states that honey, especially Manuka honey (which the bees produce from flower of New Zealand Manuka tree) strongly active against bacteria streptococcus.

Other studies reveal that honey can act against dangerous staph, and MRSA.

In patients infected with MRSA, scientists tested the effect of four kinds of honey on impaired and life threatened by the human organism.

They found that all types of honey reduced the level of harmful bacteria and help in the healing of infected wounds.



Turmeric may help the body to treat and the most dangerous bacteria in several ways.

You can use it as a spice that will enter the food into the body. You can take turmeric or curcumin capsules as a dietary supplement.

You can make and antibacterial linings of turmeric in combination with water or honey to disinfect and faster wound healing.



Successful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal drugs are tea and oil of wild oregano species.

Research conducted by the University Medical Center of Georgetown revealed that oregano and oregano oil show equally successful in fighting bacteria as well as modern antibiotics.

Moreover, they were able to cure those infections that are caused by bacteria resistant to antibiotics, to prevent further infection and protect the entire body.




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