9 Warning Signs that Your Body is Full of Parasites

Parasites usually in our bodies enter through the skin and mouth due to poor hygiene or contact with an infected person or contaminated space.

These are the signs that indicate the presence of parasites in your body:

1.Change in appetite and weight loss – most commonly indicates a tapeworm, but in this case feel great hunger because parasites eat the food that enter the body. Therefore, immediately go to the doctor.

2.Fatigue – feeling of weakness, depression, exhaustion are a common indicator of the presence of parasites. This happens because the parasites eat the food we eat and produce toxins.

Due to the presence of these toxins, authorities work more, causing loss of power and weakness. Therefore, if you eat and sleep normally, and you have these symptoms, go to the doctor.

3.Stomach ache – the presence of parasites can lead to inflammation, bloating, pain and irritation in stomaku.Bol is because parasites block the passage, ie. elimination of harmful substances.

4.Chronic indigestion – Due to inflammation caused by intestinal parasite, comes to the destruction of the outer (protective) layer of the intestines, and that leads to chronic diarrhea. If in spite of high fiber foods have diarrhea, see your doctor.

5.Anal itching – When the egg it leads to itching. This usually happens at night, and it is possible that you will have problems with sleep.

6.Skin problems – Parasites release toxins that cause largija, eczema, skin rashes. In addition to skin problems, and lead to hair loss. Pain in muscles and joints occur due to the response of the immune system to toxins parasites.

7.Problems with teeth – Parasites lead to the destruction of neurons and neurotransmitters, which influences the health of teeth.

8.Mental changes – anxiety, depression, mood swings, hallucinations occur due to parasites.

9.Anemia – eating your food, take vitamins and minerals you need. The most common symptom of parasites in children, because if children grow slowly and do not gain weight are, see your doctor.

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