Against Malignant Disease, Heart ,Cures Anemia And Liver Disease, Cleans the body …

It is able to fix most things that are in our body spoiled. Because proanthocyanidins has a beautiful red color and, by doing is a great fighter against malignant diseases, as well as some other diseases, about which we write below our text.

Perfect for the heart
Also contains betaine, which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. He along with some helpers (eg. Vitamins from group B) supports the health of our cardiovascular system. Of the vitamin, there are: B1, B2, B12 (rarely encountered in the plant world), C. The minerals are present potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, iodine. There is plenty of iron, and is a common natural remedy in the treatment of anemia.

Net organism

Thanks antioxidants and betaine has detoxification effect, as it encourages the excretion of harmful substances from the body. Cellulose and pectin are good activators of intestinal peristalsis. Beetroot like to prevent liver disease, especially fatty liver. It is important for athletes, it improves endurance during exercise due to the high content of nitrites, which are important for oxidative processes during exercise. It also speeds up recovery after training.

Once again – great for the heart!

It encourages the exchange of substances in the body, contributes to the regulation of blood pressure, lower cholesterol, maintain in good condition blood vessels, stimulates the liver. Slows down the process of atherosclerosis and aging. Good is the de-mineralization of bone and teeth. It can be cooked, baked to a shock, but it provides the most when we take fresh.

And much more …
If you are buying fresh beets and throwing her green part, it’s time to change the habit. Cooked leaves deserves a place at the table because of the incredible content of 644 mg of potassium on only half a cup. Numerous studies have shown that increasing the intake of foods rich in potassium and reduced use of salt can reduce the risk of stroke by 21 percent, as the chances of getting heart disease.

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