Dandelion Elixir Of Life (Recipes)

As for the healing properties of this plant, it is known that the root stimulates the appetite and digestion, while leaf stimulates kidney function and urination.
Dandelion is also used to treat gall bladder and liver, cleanses the blood, lowers elevated blood cholesterol levels, promotes blood circulation in the internal organs, helps discharge of harmful substances, gives extra energy the body and removes sleepiness and fatigue. In addition, it is used for the treatment of viral and bacterial infections and mitigate the island, as well as against water retention. It is an excellent fighter against excess weight and gives a beautiful complexion. Doctors recommend dandelion for liver detoxification, after the treatment some medicines, as well as in the diet of patients who have been transcribed radiation and chemotherapy.

Here are some useful recipes …

1.Against inflammation of the bladder

It is necessary:
-dried dandelion leaves
-2 dl water

Teaspoon of crushed leaves pour the boiling water, cover and after 10-15 minutes strain. Drink a cup of tea three times a day, for three months. Then pause for 30 days, then continue. To help tea, you need to drink twice by three months.

2.Syrup for appetite

It is necessary:
-3-4 fist flowers dandelion
-2 liters of water
-1.5 kg of sugar
-2 lemons

Fresh flowers pour the boiling water, boil and strain. Then add the sugar and lemon juice, and cook over low heat until the mixture gets density of the syrup. Take one tablespoon before eating. Syrup is great for cleansing the body, regulate digestion and creating appetite.

3.Spring salad

It is necessary:
-fresh dandelion leaves
-2 radishes
-handful of walnuts
-olive oil

Leaves, wash in cold water, “Tear pieces” and put in a bowl. Add sliced radishes into slices, chopped walnuts, salt, olive oil, vinegar and stir. Salad is recommended for preventing anemia.

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