Egyptian Depilation Remove Hair Naturally With This Simple Depilation With Sugar Paste

Hair removal with sugar paste has become very famous and popular method of hair removal. Women, and increasingly men, is love, because it uses only natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin. This is less painful method of removing unwanted hair in comparison to waxing. Another big advantage there and because it can be used on all parts of the body. Applicable to the extremities of the bikini area, and to complete the Brazilian, and for the treatment of hair on the face and upper lip.

This technique significantly slows hair growth, they eventually thinner and less thick. If you are persistent and stay committed to it, the hair will eventually disappear forever. Stay with us and find out how to make sugar paste for hair removal at home. Determine what are its advantages over other methods of removing unwanted hair from the body.

Why is sugar paste for hair removal so popular

Summer is here, time, vacation, travel, holiday and increased concerns about the appearance of the skin. In winter, all the little abandon, rarely are waxing, but as the sun dawns, it becomes a significant preoccupation. For the greater part of the female population, this is a known scenario.

If you are not a fan of the razor, cream-based chemistry, electrical appliances, or wax, waxing sugar paste is an excellent choice. Try effective paste based on sugar, citric acid and honey. This is an excellent method for permanent hair removal from legs, arms, face and other regions.

Encourages, as its name says, from ancient Egyptian civilization. Ruler of Egypt Klepotara, according to some old records, used a combination of these healthy ingredients to remove hair. According to ancient beliefs it was then the basis of personal hygiene. In addition, it was considered that the soft and smooth skin is very erotic. The women in this way for the first wedding night removing hair from the entire body.

Finding inspiration in the tradition of ancient civilizations, modern industries recognized the potential of this powerful methods of depilation. Today waxing sugar paste involves the use of cheap ingredients of daily use. Cosmeticians us this same method well priced, so consider a home version. Millions of women around the world use it just for permanent hair removal.

How to make sugar paste for hair removal at home

Egyptian depilation with sugar paste is probably the oldest method of hair removal, can also be used on sensitive skin. You do not have to go to expensive salons to eliminate pile in this way.

Here we will explain how to make sugar paste for hair removal, very reliable and often tried out the recipe.

In a small pot over low heat, melt 2 teaspoons cup sugar, and then add a little water and lemon juice. Cook for 10 minutes until the mixture gets a golden yellow color, then add a tablespoon of honey and dilute.

The resulting mixture while hot poured into a glass container or a ceramic, and allow to cool.
Take toothpaste the size of a walnut and shape his fingers. Put it on the skin and extend in the opposite direction of hair growth. Then he cut down a sudden strong jolts in the direction in which hairs grow. The paste is beautiful for them, but not for the skin, and you will easily removed when finished with treatment.

Sugar paste for hair removal may not turn out very rare, so make sure the proportion of ingredients. During the waxing it will certainly soften further. When it becomes very soft you will not be able to twitch. In such cases, take the appropriate tape for hair removal and proceed with their proceedings.

What is the correct wax

Featured are two ways of Egyptian waxing, the first hair removal sugar paste, and other proceedings gel.

The traditional way is waxing sugar paste for the elimination of persistent hair from the legs. The paste is spread in the opposite direction of hair growth, and the rapid twitching off in the direction of hair growth. Another way is by using the gel. Care grease in the direction of hair growth, then over that sealing strips and cut down in the opposite direction.

Before you begin waxing, well prepare your skin!

First, take a shower with lukewarm water because it will certainly soften the skin and spread pores. After taking a shower, do not lubricate the skin creams or oils because the pasta will not be well glued to the hair. If you say toothpaste wait until the cool down before using it in order to avoid burns.

Best side a depilation sugar paste has, is that it is suitable for treating legs and bikini. In addition removes hair with his hand, skin, upper lip and armpits, and it is absolutely safe.

Do not do a Brazilian wax at home?

What is not advisable to perform at home, is the famous Brazilian waxing sugar paste. Removal from the intimate zone is always better to work in a beauty salon. This part of the body is very sensitive, and you do not have a single good review in this area, which greatly complicates the process.

The Brazilian is very painful, but probably will not be able strong enough to pull the tape, you will have more times repetition of the procedure and thus will only irritate the skin.

Painless hair removal has many advantages

Experienced beauticians in a quick and nearly painless way to remove fuzz from the body. However, if the waxing sugar paste your selection, you will probably many times to repeat the procedure in the same area. All this can be painful and there is a possibility of skin irritation and redness that lasts times.

It will take some time until gain experience about the quantity of paste you put speed and pulling hair. The good side of this method is that the hair pluck it in the direction of its growth, the level of pain maximally reduced.

Also sugar paste is applied to the lower part of the body, and not as the hot wax. It includes large areas, and takes off in the opposite direction of hair growth, which significantly increases the pain.

Benefits waxing sugar paste are numerous:

The sugar paste for hair removal is now readily available, and on the other hand, if you want you can make yourself at your home.
When the little ispraksirate, achieve speeds so you will not take away a lot of time in particular.
The good side is that the waxing sugar paste can uraditii to greater region. It does not dry out like wax that you have to re-heat.
Can be easily removed, you have to do is rinse water, which is again a big advantage over the wax. We remind, on when it sticks very difficult to be removed from the skin.
You can repeatedly use the same area because it does not irritate the skin. Unlike the wax that you can apply maximum 2 times,
Egyptian depilation with sugar paste has long-lasting results. The hairs of the legs and the body will eventually thinned out, slow down growth and eventually disappear.
Exfoliate against ingrown hairs

It is important to take into account the length of hair when running an Egyptian depilation with sugar paste. The usual method can only work if the hair is long at least 3 millimeters. This is some 2-4 days after their removal. If you use gel for hair removal you need to let the hair grow a minimum of 5 millimeters.

It often occurs redness after waxing, when the skin is quite sensitive. Substantially immediately after release treatment is a fragrant, a rinse with tepid water. After several hours, apply the cream on the basis of aloe or other hydrating cream.

How to prevent ingrown hairs after waxing?

If you have a problem with ingrown hairs, use a gentle scrub. If this problem occurs more often stop for a while with the waxing and using a razor. Sometimes we weaken the hair and ingrown because they can not properly grow.

You can also make yourself a natural means for peeling after waxing, try these few recipes.

Mix a teaspoon of salt or baking soda with a little water. This scrub is great after a shower, when the skin is a little soft. Rub it and then rinse thoroughly.
a mixture of coffee is great for sensitive skin because it is not as tough as the previous one. Apply on wet skin, gently massage, leave a dry but rinse.

Mix 2 tablespoons clover honey, 1 tablespoon of bran and some lemon juice. This is a great scrub for the face, but it can also be used for other parts of the body. Apply it and leave for half an hour and then take a shower.

Hair removal with sugar paste effectively removes unwanted fuzz, but sometimes occurs their ingrowth. Be sure to try these recipes, so judge for yourself that you are a better home or purchase.

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