Five Tibetan Rites . Exercises Old 4000 Years Bringing Health And Vitality

Four thousand years old and still preserved in its original form, so beneficial that still do not have serious competition, five poses or Five Tibetans are exercises that you have to introduce into your lifestyle and rhythm.
Not only that stretch, raise energy levels, stimulate the endocrine glands and the seven chakras, but strengthen the immune system and are not at all demanding. For starters will need for the entire series need only three minutes, and later most 16th.

1. Stand upright with arms extended to the side. Keep your fingers together, palms open and facing down, feet are shoulder level. Turn full circle in a clockwise direction. While turning a deep breathe in and out. One turn is one repetition. If you feel sick, but at the beginning you will, after we have finished turning, hold out their arms and focus on jointed thumbs until it passes discomfort.

2. Lie down on your back on a flat hard surface. Extend your legs, arms along the body with palms facing the floor. Breathe in through the nose, raise your feet (a little over 90 degrees) and lift your head so that it closer to his chest. Gently with a gasp drop his head and legs.

3. Kneel corrected foot resting on the toes. Let the knees slightly apart, and pelvis in the level of the back. Put your hands on your buttocks and chin dropping to his chest. With breath Screw head further back. Hold your breath briefly and then with a gasp return to the starting position.

4. Seat outstretched legs. Place the palms on the surface in the width of the hips and pelvis is upright, his chin on his chest. Inhale, lift your hips and bend your knees, his head dropping to the floor to form a bridge. Briefly hold in that position and then with a gasp return to the initial sitting position.

5. Start this exercise by holding the body on outstretched hands, palms and feet resting on the floor. Your head is tilted back. Outstretched arms and legs, inhaling raise your hips and head, place the breasts to take up the position of the triangle. With exhale return to the starting position. In addition to hands and feet, while performing these exercises the body should not be lowered to the ground.

The rule to be followed:

It is best to do exercise in the morning, half an hour after getting up and before breakfast. First seven days of doing three repetitions of each pose. Then, the second week four, five third and so on until you get to number 21. This is the number of repetitions that you need to appreciate as long as you do Tibetans.

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