How Sesame Seed Paste Tahini Could Save Your Life

Tahini paste of sesame is very popular prayer that originates from the Middle East, where it is commonly found in many foods. This amendment is special because foods that are prepared with it gives a delicious touch and rich texture. If you are a fan of Mediterranean cuisine, he will surely delight when you play!

Not only awakens the sense of taste in your mouth, but it is also very healthy. Sesame spread can be found in all health food stores, and contains natural macro nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Thanks to him, very easily you can solve problems with digestion, and successfully eliminate bloating intestines. But it is only a small part of what concerns the usefulness of this extraordinary prayer.

Read on to learn more about what is good tahini paste, how to prepare and with which food can be used together in combination.

What is a paste of sesame seeds

There are evidences of how the spread of sesame began using in the Middle Eastern countries in the 13th century. Even then paste tahini prepared so as these tiny grains of semolina, and was used as an independent store with bread, but was later added and the number of dishes. Gradually spread around the world, and the more popular it is in our country and in the countries in the region.

It is the source of many useful substances that are essential to your body for proper functioning. First of all, tahini paste contains calories in moderate quantities, namely one full tablespoon has 89 calories.

If we consider that sesame seed is rich in protein and healthy carbohydrates, then you need not worry about its energy. Keep in mind that these are essential elements that can be easily broken down and transported to your muscles to burn them in their daily activities.

What makes sesame tahini paste is known which is rich in calcium. If you use it as a spread for bread every day, and enter up to 30 percent of the daily requirement of your body for this mineral. This will strengthen your bones, muscles and teeth, and also will and allergies get in the way.

In addition, tahini paste is a food rich in potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. This figure is impressive, especially considering that the combination of these minerals preserves heart health, promotes the vision and prevents high blood pressure.

Neither vitamin does not lack in this delicious cheese-and the most common are the natural vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B5. They are present due to fatty acids which have in sesame, and will help and the faster growth of hair.

What makes the unique tahini paste are two substances: sesamin and sesamolin. They belong to the specific group of useful fiber that have a role of reducing blood cholesterol levels and increase the absorption of vitamin E from other foods.

If you have liver problems, be sure to consume sesame paste, because it protects the body, stimulates cell regeneration and prevents oxidative damage.

Sesame paste has many benefits for health

In addition to all that we have mentioned, it should be noted that in this prayer are also significant amounts of copper and manganese, molybdenum and selenium. All things considered, we can safely conclude that it is a very useful foodstuff.

Popularity by the glass paste tahini worldwide is reflected in the health benefits and benefits offered, and among them are the following:

Prevents and reduces the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis

Thanks to copper which we have just mentioned, will help to reduce swelling and eliminate pain. Tahini paste arthritis works by eliminating inflammation, and antioxidants will eliminate all the harmful substances that can cause disease.

Moreover, inherent in that it contains enzymes that help linking of collagen and elastin, and are vital to the preservation of structure, strength and elasticity of blood vessels, bones and joints.

Preserves the health of the heart and cardiovascular system

Since it started using, tahini paste proved to be effective when the preservation of the vitality of muscle tissue in question. In particular, recent clinical studies have confirmed that spread sesame prevents high blood pressure, thanks to eliminating the possibility for the occurrence of heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

First aid in menopause

Insomnia, excessive sweating and mood swings are common symptoms of menopause. In the Middle East, the administration used the spread of sesame to mitigate this phenomenon, which made it all the women happily used. Try it and you if you have the same problems and will return you to a normal dream. At the same time, will eliminate the sudden shock of heat, so-called. hot flashes, and you will not be sad.

Helps with indigestion

As we said, the prayer of sesame, helps with digestive problems. Especially if you suffer from a bloated stomach, constipation, diarrhea, then this store everything you need. Thanks to the fact that it is inherently easy to digest, and it contains dietary fiber, tahini paste will encourage the process of digestion, stimulate regular bowel movements and eliminate constipation.

The natural cure for potency

Arabs have used this spread of sesame as means to achieve full erection. Not only what is good for male potency, tahini paste is great for women. In fact, it stimulates the sex glands and stimulates the secretion of sex hormones.

Positive impact on the regeneration of joints and bones

If you have suffered tendon injuries, sprained leg or had a bone fracture, regular consumption of these foods you will be very significant. It contains omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids that are essential to your body, and most tissues. So will help the regeneration of bones, joints, and skin if you have suffered an injury.

Prevents the development of malignant diseases

Are in an age when fed mostly unhealthy and consume foods that are full of harmful substances, thereby changing the pH of the body. This is the prime prerequisite for the development of malignancies. How tahini paste from sesame has a high pH value, it alkalized our body. More specifically, it successfully neutralize all harmful substances, while preventing the occurrence of cancer and other serious diseases.

Provides assistance during PMS

It is known as cramps in the lower abdomen can be uncomfortable and every woman during this period they experience. To mitigate them, spread sesame will help you with that. Eat it every morning, and so will your muscles provide calcium, which will provide much needed relief to these symptoms.

It is recommended for pregnant and lactating women

Future mothers and newbie, free but now get this delicious product! It is highly recommended because it contains even 7 times more calcium than cow’s milk. This is a very important fact, because the tahini paste to be equally useful baby, but to you. Consumption of delicious spread will prevent rapid tooth decay and weakening of the bones, and you will avoid a lack of calcium.
Rescue weak immunity

Last but not least, we will say and how good tahini paste for immunity. Namely, since sesame seeds rich in vitamins and minerals, it is very helpful to eat it as fried or in the form of a tasty spread. This way you give your body over the required amount of useful material, which will strengthen the immune system, and therefore to be protected against colds, and flu.

How to make tahini paste – recipe

If you want to try what it tastes like tahini paste recipe is very simple and its preparation is easy. She can do with whether or not skinned grain of sesame, and it is advisable to make the administration of these other types.

The fact is that this kind of home made sesame spread has far greater and better nutritional value and can not be compared with expensive purchase products.

The ingredients you need are:

  • 200 grams of sesame
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • pinch of salt
  • some lemon juice

Preparation of the paste is not complicated:

First of all, grain sesame lightly fry in a pan for about ten minutes. Then you spend the night in a blender, adding his olive oil. It grinds slowly, until you get a compact mass, or the desired consistency and texture. Significantly, he will enrich the taste, when sinking a little sea salt and lemon juice. Thereafter, sleep obtained cheese in a plastic bowl, cover and store in a cool and dark place.
Congratulations, tasty tahini paste from sesame is ready to be served!


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