Lung Detoxification-How to Clean Tar,Toxins & Quit Smoking detox lungs

Lemon and turmeric clean skin, a little ginger to cleanse the lungs detoxification cleanse the lungs of tar and toxins and reduce the risk of infection, and you just need to drink tea and breathe deeply. Especially recommended for smokers.
Stress and poor nutrition harm the body because the body of accumulated toxins which can not be solved otherwise than detoxification program, explains Peter Carmichael, yoga teacher and a student of ayurvedic medicine. Some of the signs that the body is poisoned rash, acne, inflammation of the skin that does not stop, yellow or brown deposits on the tongue, constant headaches, too much mucus, fatigue, inability to concentrate and forgetfulness. Spring is the perfect time to cleanse the body because, due to the sun, as well as the fact that all around us be, we have more energy.

Detoxification is pure authorities and in this respect, detoxifying programs are divided into two equally important aspect – clearing the lungs, skin and kidneys and liver cleaning. Although during the detox often are not even in the lungs, they are among the first organs to be purified. And the easiest way to free the lungs of toxins deep breathing.

Breathing is a vital process, but to fully fulfilled its function, it must be run properly. On the bad habits of breathing affect long periods of sitting, staying in areas with stagnant air, lack of exercise and stretching and the like. The result of bad breath as fatigue, depression, headaches and physical exhaustion. Although we are born with the ability of proper breathing, most people growing up losing.

Do you see a newborn, you’ll see how deep breathe, so they are on inspiration belly lifted up. Make raises you and you belly as you inhale. If not, it is a sign that your breath is shallow. If you notice that sometimes you sigh, it is because the levels of carbon dioxide in the blood are high, and then the brain activates a deep breath in order to sustain the body with oxygen.

Cleaning the lungs especially recommended for smokers and people who often live in smoky areas even though they do not smoke, allergic to dust, animal hair and those with sinus problems. But in addition to deep breathing, you can refine them with the help of ginger.

– Clearing the lungs and helps ginger tea. Prepare it by slicing fresh ginger root into slices and add to boiling water. Cook for ten minutes, then strain. If desired, in tea add honey, lemon, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves – advises Peter Carmichael.

Detoxifying the lungs clean them of tar and toxins, reduces the risk of infection, increase their capacity and improve the health of the respiratory system. The lungs will purify and hot spices, such as pepper or chilli as hot food helps to break down excess mucus. Therefore, you can feel how you runny nose you eat spicy food, and such spices like work and excess mucus in the lungs and encourage its ejection.

The cause of illness
Many directions of alternative medicine believe that illness is due to too many toxins.

Top of the lungs
First you need to clean the lungs, and that helps the art of deep breathing.

Changing habits
During detox gradually adopt habits that are the foundation of a healthier lifestyle.

With a quick exercise you learn to breathe from the abdomen
To learn to breathe properly, lie down on the floor, on the mat or towel, so comfortably. Then take a deep breath and feel the chest expands, and the belly is growing up. Just breathe slowly and soon you will feel the body and mind calm. Due to the influx of oxygen it is possible to feel a little dizzy and therefore breathe learn from lying position.

Piling towel clean the skin from the outside, a lemon and turmeric inside
The kidneys are responsible for it to eliminate toxins from the body, and to ease their job, it is necessary to drink enough water, preferably filtered.

To make sure that you drink enough water, you should know that the body needs about 30 ml of water for every kilogram of body weight. Strive whether, for example, 60 pounds, you should drink 1800 ml of water. Water intake evenly throughout the day. You help the kidneys to cleanse, which will improve their performance, prevent the formation of kidney stones, strengthen the immune system, but also improve the functioning of the urinary tract. Apart from clean water to detoxify the kidneys can drink pomegranate juice or from the ports that you can make in a blender.

– Do you want to cleanse the kidneys, diet rich spinach, Swiss chard, green leafy vegetables, carrots, chicory and onions – advises Peter Carmichael.

To clean the kidneys and can make a tea from the seeds of celery. Tablespoon fresh minced celery seeds pour half a liter of boiling water and allow to cool. Strain and drink immediately. Try to always make fresh tea, but an important note that it is not recommended for pregnant women.

The body which mostly reflected the state of the body, the skin, and Glowing skin is as important cleaning inside and out. As much as possible, avoid products that contain components. Nourish your skin with natural ingredients such as olive, almond or coconut oil or preparations which are based on natural and organic ingredients. As for the good functioning of the kidneys, and for a clean and beautiful skin is most important to drink enough water. Do you detox, do not assume that they are freshly squeezed juices adequate substitute for water.

For healthy kidneys there are lemon juice, cranberry and ginger
For good renal function are recommended and cranberries as they help destroy harmful bacteria that attack the kidneys and bladder. But cranberries are recommended only if unsweetened – if you can not bear their bitter taste, prefer to take cranberry capsules. Cleansing the kidneys and help Ginger, Marshmallow root, nettle and parsley, lemon juice and pumpkin seeds.

Brushing skin
Daily skin brushing stimulates lymphatic drainage, but also strengthens the immune system.

The elimination of toxins
Vegetables such as cucumbers and celery helps the kidneys cleanse the body.

Double benefit
Whether you drink two glasses of water before each meal, will optimize the kidneys and lose weight.

Self-cleaning of the body with red lentils, kale, chard and spinach
The main rule is that detoxification through programs that last for several days adopt healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Detox-learning programs you use the most natural body care products, pay attention to the foods that you eat and generally reduce the intake of harmful substances in the body.

– In order to better body work, try to avoid processed foods, especially white flour and sugar, as well as dairy products, heavy and fried foods and meat because they stimulate the formation of mucus in the body. If you must eat meat, then let it be, or white meat or fish – says student of Ayurveda Peter Carmichael. Even if you decide not to carry out detoxification program, the daily diet can be enriched foods that naturally clean the body. These are mung beans, red lentils, green leafy vegetables,  red rice and azuki beans.

– Ayurveda detoxification often recommended so. monodiet that lasts five days. The first three days eat only mung beans, which can be seasoned with ginger, Himalaya salt, cardamom and cumin. The first three days peas prepare as much as possible, so that it is almost like a soup. Eat the amount to which you feel that you need, but according to ayurvedic principles, it is important to always feel slightly hungry to digestion function. If so you may eat after a meal absolutely do not feel hungry, you killed the digestive fire and digestion, and consequently the whole body suffers. After three days with mung beans deploy rice and green leafy vegetables – advised Carmichael.

If you decide to detox spend monodiet, it is necessary to prepare the body – a few days before the detox eating lighter foods, vegetable based and cereals, preferably without meat. You will need 400 g mung beans, two liters of water, a little turmeric, lime juice, two tablespoons of grated ginger root, two cloves of garlic, half an onion, olive oil, a tablespoon of cumin seeds and coriander, and Himalayan salt. Wash beans and soak overnight. In a pan heat the olive oil in the turmeric and add beans, water (in the ratio 1: 4) and ginger. Allow to simmer for 40 minutes and pour more water if necessary. Cook until beans are tender. In another pan, heat oil and saute garlic and onion and they add the coriander seeds and cumin ps add all the beans and stir. Before serving, season with lime juice, and the resulting amount is enough for five portions.

After a few days the child with mung beans will notice that you are losing weight, you get rid of the accumulated water to feel easier and to give you the concentration clearer and have more energy.

Hot and cold shower and exercise stimulate the cleansing of the body
Detoxification will help and hydrotherapy – take a shower very hot water and pour water running down my back. Then treat yourself to a cold shock for 30 seconds. Repeat three times, then lie down for half an hour and let the body rest. Do not forget either to exercise, and during detox let it be lighter, such as walking, preferably in nature or stretching program such as yoga or tai chi. Do not force because they try to relax and aggressive exercise the body will be in those moments only cause stress. Meditate or visualize that you are on omiljenome place to with the detoxification of the body made and detoxify the mind and spirit, experts advise.

Fantastic trio
Ginger, turmeric and mung beans are the best foods for detoxification.

The power of fiber
Mungo beans is extremely rich in fiber and thereafter long-term feeling of satiety.

Nothing without cycles
Anti-inflammatory properties stimulates cell renewal and is an integral part of detoxifying plan.

The two-day detox
As soon as you feel that the body lacks energy, make the power of one of the eight habits.

1. When you wake up, drink it on an empty stomach 2:00 to 3:00 glasses of water, but be careful not to be too cold.

2. After drinking water, breakfast eat fresh fruit. Between water and fruit may pass between 45 minutes and an hour. During the two days of detoxification avoid bananas.

3. Enrich your diet vegetables and freshly squeezed vegetable juices. For lunch, for example, eat a salad for a snack, drink freshly squeezed juice of two carrots, parsley, six leaves of lettuce and a little lemon juice. Be aware though that you do not overeat – as long as

How to keep skin bright, eat less processed food.

– The appearance of the skin will improve yellow foods (eg, lemon and pepper), and in them is one and turmeric, which helps with the problem of redness, acne and reduces the appearance of wrinkles – claims Carmichael. The skin should be cleaned from the outside, and this daily, non-aggressive exfoliation – with every shower wipe the coarse towel or during shower use a brush to remove dead cells from the skin surface. For pure skin should occasionally be good iznojiti. You can do this in the sauna, during exercise or at best of both. Detoxification is necessary to cleanse the liver, and the perfect ingredients for cleansing the liver is turmeric.

– Add the turmeric in the food or drink is melted in warm milk before bedtime. If lactose is not responsible for cow’s milk, dilute it with water or use soy, almond, rice or oatmeal – advises Peter Carmichael.The liver will help and flax seeds, but they are more prevention because it make the job easier. Fry them or grind in a coffee grinder, the best are freshly prepared. In order to cleanse the liver, the diet, add broccoli, cabbage, onions, garlic and beetroot.

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