“MAGICAL SEEDS” That Cure Colon Cancer! They Do Wonders Inside Our Organism!

Although you have only recently heard of him that has existed for thousands of years. The seeds for its value even used as currency.
Chia seeds contain omega fats, proteins, antioxidant and dietary fiber. It has a mild flavor of nuts, and after absorbing liquid, ideal for hydration and a feeling of fullness that will last for hours!

Mayans and Incas were respectfully referred to this small but hranljiviom seed. Actually ‘Chia’ is the word Maya which means “power”. You’ll find a lot of power in chia seeds, which contain plenty of nutrients, according to “Nature-health”.

Chia seed is an excellent source of healthy essential fatty acids – contains eight times more omega-3 fatty acids than salmon! Chia seed also contains Omega 6 fatty acids, antioxidants (one gram Chia seed is rich in antioxidants as many as four times more than fresh blueberries) and proteins that are very much important for your health.

Studies have shown that consuming chia seeds also affects the health of hair and nails due to the fact that chia is a great source of protein (20%).

Chia seeds are also a source of easily digestible vegetable protein, an excellent source of dietary fiber, rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. Chia seed is excellent for skin regeneration, but also burning fat, strengthens the body and has a positive effect on the digestive organs.

Nutritionists agree that the chia seed is one of the best that you can eat if you feel bad, no energy, because despondent on the muscles and releases energy in your body, so it is often used by athletes. This seed contains 37% prehrambrenih fibers that stimulate bowel movement.

Diet or nutrition based on strict consumption of the seeds is shown in great treatment of colon cancer, as well as the prevention of cancer.

Chia has a superior ability to hydration, protein and fiber, which will keep the feeling of fullness and satisfaction of the body for hours. Consuming chia seeds impact on reducing appetite, speeds up metabolism, and activates glycogen which is very much essential for burning fat.


The seeds are excellent can be used in preparing a healthy lunch or snack.

Add them to salads to increase protein intake. In cereals such as brown rice, quinoa, amaranth and millet, add chia seeds at the end of cooking and stir well. Use them in soups, meatballs or as a mixture for frying chicken and fish – instead of bread crumbs.

For dessert there was pudding chia seeds.

Mix the seeds with coconut or almond milk, and add some of the proposed: dried coconut, blueberries, walnuts, raspberry, ground almonds, cocoa, grated apple, ground pistachio, pomegranate or cranberry.

Make your own mix that together with a mixture of leave in the fridge for 10 minutes and remember, in whatever way you decide to add chia seeds to your meals, will certainly enrich them.



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