Mix A Little Salt And Olive Oil And You Will Not Feel Pain For The Next 5 Years!

You need 10 tablespoons of high-quality salt and 20 spoons of unrefined olive oil,



Not some special preparations to make this natural remedy. All you need to
do is to mix the ingredients in a glass container. Good close and
leave to rest for two days and then you will have your medicine!


Apply it on the affected area, it would be good to do it in the morning.
The mixture rub into the scalp massage. If you can not stand the pressure, masirahte 3 minutes, and then increase the time gradually. Experts have said that 20 minutes is enough to perform the massage. Finally, wipe a damp towel.
Your skin may get mild irritation. Take baby powder and apply it to relieve the unpleasant feeling.
After you apply this treatment, your headache will be gone forever. You will have regular blood flow.

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