Natural Remedies for Heartburn & Severe Acid Reflux

Heartburn is manifested as a burning sensation in the bile, or as severe pain that can cause nausea and problems with digestion. For the occurrence of heartburn, the most common culprits, we ourselves, or our food choices.
In view of the accelerated modern life, stress levels that we feel on a daily basis, all the more frequent occurrence of heartburn and the way of life. Therefore, in order to prevent occurrence of heartburn, today we must, in addition to eating right, and learn to slow down the rhythm of everyday life.

To prevent heartburn most important is a balanced and healthy diet that is distributed through several meals and snacks per day. Overeating is the occurrence of heartburn prohibited, but you should keep the advice to eat a meal at least 3 hours before bedtime.

What to eat when you’re struggling with heartburn?

Balanced diet distributed in several installments must contain:

  • The more cooked vegetables, especially what rhizome
  • onions, peppers, and cucumbers and tomatoes can cause heartburn
  • Fish is an ideal food for heartburn, and with it you can eat and other low fat meat
  • always keep products from whole grains, such as whole-wheat bagels and whole grain rice
  • If you long for dairy products, choose those with low-fat, while others avoid

What not to eat when you are fighting with heartburn?

  • should avoid processed meats, highly seasoned meat, and even dry meat, such as salami and sausages
  • in particular, avoid citrus fruits as they increase the amount of acid in the stomach, and if you feel that heartburn increases after caffeine intake, opt instead for green tea
  • Alcohol can be a major cause of heartburn, so try to avoid it as much as possible port
  • mints and chewing gum refreshing taste in some people can foster symptoms of heartburn
  • forget the fried food, chips and similar foods processed in oil – a big fat content makes them very difficult to digest and therefore may cause heartburn
  • carbonated beverages, as well as alcohol and other beverages containing caffeine, you should avoid
  • spicy foods, such as already mentioned spiced meat, should not be on your menu

Council plus:

Try to eat slowly, bit by bit, chewing each at least 10 to 15 times. In addition, never let too hungry, just as it does not need to overeat.

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