Never Sleep With Wet Hair, Here’s Why This Is DANGEROUS!

There is no better feeling than when you take a bath after a hard day and go to bed. When you are hot days, burning hair dryer seems like the last thing you did. However, think again!Falling asleep with wet hair wrapped in a towel is not at all harmless. Although experts have proven that the myth that you will therefore pull pneumonia or colds, this habit still has consequences on your health .

1.Causes Headaches

Unlike non-REM sleep, REM sleep the body temperature rises. Then warmed and head wrapped in a towel while rising temperatures and humidity can cause headache.


2. Makes fungi

It is no secret that the pillows “home” for dust mites and bacteria because they absorb sweat, dead skin cells and oils from the body.

Wet hair navlažiće towel, and he will be transferred to the moisture pillowcase and pillow and then, in combination with heat, pillows become fertile ground for development of fungi.

Often in the morning you arrive communicating them to the air to ventilate and dry, especially during the winter months due to increased precipitation and all that favors the development of bacteria.


3.Fractures hair

During the night, always sit back in the pillow and tuck, and this does not suit pieces that in such conditions are easily torn, especially when it is wet.



You have to be careful if you sleep with the head wrapped in a towel. In its day-to day wear is safe and he can be a great assistant in creating hairstyles.

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