Poison In Your Mouth: Remove Amalgam Fillings And You Will Be Healed Of Many Diseases

The dangers of amalgam fillings
Amalgam, as a means of filling caries damaged teeth, used for many years.
Fillings made of amalgam known as “silver fillings”.
Despite the well-known fact that ” silver fillings ” contain up to 50% live in most countries in the world still are considered safe for health.

Moreover, many dentists give them an edge because they are mechanically resistant and twice as durable than white dental fillings.

One of the advantages of amalgam fillings is their price, which means they are available to anyone.

However, at what cost?

Are harmful to health

Given the fact that the dangers of amalgam fillings began to speak only in recent times, most people do not know that such restorations can be harmful to health.

Unfortunately, despite numerous and louder warnings from scientists, the FDA has not banned the use of amalgam fillings.

However, whether they are children younger than 6 years old, pregnant women and people in poor health, FDA before placing such fillings advises consulting with a doctor, but that’s all for now.

For this is the impression that such seals may be potentially harmful to children, pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems, but not for the rest of the population.

No, this is not so. Mercury is a source of danger not only for pregnant women and children, but all of us.

Mercury – a dangerous carcinogenic poison

Mercury has been known as a hazardous carcinogenic poison extremely detrimental to the immune system.

In the past, all vaccines containing mercury are a lot of today’s feature, such as an influenza vaccine that is – when we talk about the harmful effects of mercury – found that 10% increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Accordingly, it is not difficult to conclude that concern about the presence of this poison in our mouths is by no means unfounded.

In fact, even proponents acknowledge that amalgam dental fillings from such time may cause emissions of mercury vapor to be absorbed mostly by inhaling into the lungs, and then through the blood to reach all body.

Thus, inhalation of mercury vapor can become a cause of various diseases such as …

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Crohn’s disease
rheumatoid arthritis
multiple sclerosis
kidney disease
Allergies and asthma
muscle pain
problems associated with learning and concentration
chronic fatigue

US scientists are based on measuring the concentration of mercury in the body of a person infected with Candida found that 80% of participants had increased levels of mercury in the body.

The mercury vapor released from the seals during chewing and brushing, but it is more of such fillings in the teeth and damage is potentially greater.

It is generally considered that the greatest exposure to mercury occurs during placement and removal of amalgam fillings.

Keep or remove?

Unfortunately it is not known whether such dangerous fillings to keep or remove, because going over the removal of large amounts of mercury may end up in your body.

The decision to replace mercury fillings is subject to individual and personal assessment of the potential damage to a longer or shorter period.

If you decide to remove amalgam fillings, be sure to find a dentist who will understand your position and give our best to take them out with the utmost care.

After removing amalgam fillings, make sure to cleanse the body of heavy metals with natural chelate – chlorophyll, green clay or zeolite.

Save money for white fillings

What we know for certain is that amalgam fillings are by no means harmless. Therefore, if you have to put the seal, take money for white fillings.

Do not let your dentist that you put amalgam fillings and endangers your health.

Fortunately, the use of amalgam is declining, primarily for aesthetic reasons.

White fillings that are not hazardous to health consist of quartz and various minerals in the waxy base.

In addition, for such restorations unlike amalgam, removing less healthy tooth material.

The disadvantage is that they are less so are easier to break and fall out, which is why they need to be changed more frequently.

But in any case, there is no alternative to a white fillings benefits to health are immeasurable in relation to money.

Will the dental industry to abolish amalgam fillings?

The last word on whether the amalgam filling and continue to use it or not should be left to science, but this is unfortunately not the case.

Like many other decisions related to drugs and treatment, and this is subject to material interests.

The conspiracy of silence about the harmfulness of amalgam stems from the simple fact that the market is very large but it represents a trade exempted profitable business.

The use of amalgam dental fillings is prohibited in Norway and Denmark, but primarily out of concern for the environment.

Only in Sweden is prohibited because of the danger to health.

In other countries of the world used and removed amalgam is subject to strict rules for the disposal of toxic substances from which it is perfectly clear that this is a dangerous poison.

It is indeed strange that the presence of this poison in their teeth doctors do not consider dangerous.

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