The Fastest Way To Heal A Fever Blister

Herpes occurs three days of the first appearance of symptoms such as a burning sensation, itching and pain. Shortly after the symptoms in a specific place skin swells and becomes red, and arise and bubbles. There are various ways to cure herpes, but the most popular are those natural.

From folk recipes mentioned toothpaste.
In addition to oral hygiene toothpaste can help with herpes.

Good to know that herpes will not disappear just like that, and one night is not enough.

The paste will not harm you, but you think about it and about other ways.

Garlic is one of the allies in the treatment of herpes. Take a fresh garlic and keep it in a place where it originated hereps.

After some 5 minutes replace it with fresh, except that you can put a clove of garlic.

Alleviating the occurrence of herpes it is possible by using ice cubes. Take the line and put it in a place where it originated herpes.

Try to keep a few minutes, and the results will follow very quickly.

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