The Most Effective Natural Solution For Instant Toothache Pain Relief

Healthy teeth are not only a reflection of your self-care and care of your internal health.
Their design contributes to the overall impression that you leave on others.
What to do if you suddenly have toothache?
Venturing you usually for some analgesic, as a rapid decision, while not going to the dentist?


Instead try natural remedies.

They act as strongly as analgesics, but without the possible harmful side effects.


Clove – relieves pain

It is the most popular natural remedy for diseased teeth that has the power to appease nerve.

Antibacterial and antispasmodic, meaning it relieves the spasms.

In addition, the anesthetic comprises natural eugenol, with a positive effect in the channels and the cavity in the tooth, and disinfect the mouth.


Drip 2 drops of clove oil on a cotton ball so put directly on the aching tooth. You can put on the tooth and whole cloves or chew until you let go of their oil.

If you have sensitive gums, making sure that clove oil does not come into contact with the withdrawal of the gums because it could worsen the pain.

Coconut oil – kills bacteria
Ingredients coconut oil effectively eliminate the bacteria in the oral cavity and on the teeth, so it is rare decay among people who have it on their menu.


Swish 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in the mouth a few minutes spit. Repeat as needed to alleviate pain.
A mixture of clove and coconut oil
Mix a little clove powder and coconut oil mixture so obtained to rub aching tooth and leave for 1 minute.
Repeat the process three times a day and you will feel the pain slowly eases.

A simple natural solutions

1. A salt and water

In a small cup of warm water, add a spoonful of salt solution gargle 30 seconds. Do not swallow. Repeat the process if the pain persists.

Salt water cleanses the area around the teeth and pulls out excess water that creates swelling.

In addition to reducing toothache, this drug can alleviate and sore throat.

2. The oil, olive oil or oregano oil

Put a few drops of any of these oils in a cup of warm water and therefore rinse your mouth and teeth.

3.Apple vinegar

Soak cotton wool apple vinegar and place on the aching tooth. Hold the tooth until you feel relief.

4.Ginger, potato, cucumber and onion

Cut a piece of ginger or above vegetables and keep on aching tooth until the pain persists.


Do you want to alleviate a toothache, chew mint leaves.

This plant has a pleasant, refreshing taste, and in addition has the power pad sensation nerve.

You can apply and mint tea.

In a cup of boiling water put a teaspoon of dried mint leaves, let stand 20 minutes, then shake in your mouth so spit.

6. Cayenne pepper

Make a paste of cayenne pepper and water, and apply on the aching tooth.

Cayenne pepper, capsaicin comprises a strong element, which blocks the neurotransmitter responsible for the transmission of pain signals from the brain.

7.Ginger and cayenne pepper

With a swab, apply the paste on the aching tooth – be careful not to come into contact with the gums and tongue. Keep as much as you can hold out for a burning sensation.

8.Black tea

In the mouth you put a warm bag of newly utilized black tea – it will help draw toxins from the teeth.

In addition, the tannins from strong black tea are astringent property, which means that tightening the skin and mucous membranes, thus contributing to reduce swelling around the tooth.

9. Ice

In a plastic bag put an ice cube but wrap in a thin cloth.

Put on the aching tooth and leave on for about 15 minutes.

Packet with an ice cube you can put on your face, to place the painful tooth.

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