You Have Indigestion? These Are The 3 Allies For A Healthy Stomach

While cakes, meat and leafy products perfect for the palate, they are also a nightmare for digestion.
We suggest a few groceries and three recipes to help get the digestive system to work through within 30 minutes.

Lukewarm water and lemon

In a glass of lukewarm water squeeze lemon and drink. This beverage can consume and preventive, to avoid indigestion.

Olive oil and lemon

Tablespoon of olive oil, if desired, diluted with natural lemon juice, great for digestion. This home remedy for starting the digestion is best consumed in the morning or several hours after a meal.

Baking soda and lukewarm water

In a glass of warm water mix half a teaspoon of baking soda. This food is known for generations as an ally of indigestion, but it is important to note that should be used only pharmaceutical soda without aluminum that you can buy at a pharmacy or health food store. This recipe is not recommended for those suffering from ulcers.

Do not wait for digestion weakens. The daily menu include: water, probiotics, fruits and vegetables rich in fiber (beans, carrots, broccoli, orange …), grains (barley, brown rice, oats …).

The movement is one of the important items when it comes to digestion, but also for overall health.

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